Premier Hybrid 7100 Series Digital Message Repeater

The Hybrid 7100 is a solid-state Music On Hold player that can receive a new audio upload via Ethernet connection. This rack mount On Hold player is ideal for applications that require audio distribution over an IP network to multiple locations.

For Ethernet applications, new On Hold updates can be uploaded to the device through the customer's Local Area or Wide Area Network (WAN). Audio can also be remotely managed to multiple locations via the Internet using standard Port 80 and a Content Management System (CMS). Both methods of delivery accept a standard MP3 audio file.

The Hybrid 7100 offers a flexible installation. Users can mount the device to a wall next to the phone system, or in a server rack environment.


Flash Memory
LCD Display
MP3 Compatible
Upload Software (optional)
Rack Mount (optional)

USB 1100 Series Digital Message Unit

The USB 1100 is a digital message unit designed for continuous audio playback. Audio is stored on a removable USB flash drive and plugged into the USB hub on the unit. The loading of the audio is easily done by "dragging and dropping" mp3 file(s) without the use of special software. Audio files can now be emailed to clients without the need to mail or ship physical media.

Single audio productions can be stored to the unit's internal flash memory.


The USB 1100 Series is suggested for telephone on-hold applications where user friendliness, flexibility, high sound quality and durability are needed.


Music & Message On-Hold
Overhead / In-Store Music


Standard MP3 Playback
Internal Flash Memory Storage
Electronic Delivery
Commercially Built
Selectable Track Playback Mode Button
External Memory-Removable (USB)

RUF 2700 Series Remote Digital Player

The remote digital player Series unit is a solid state, remote programmable, digital recorder that stores audio programs for information on-hold.

The remote digital player features a built-in fax switch. The built-in fax switch allows the remote digital player to share a fax line so the unit can be downloaded any time, day or night.

A technological breakthrough gives the remote digital player the memory of the future. This new, non-volatile flash memory means the recording will never be damaged or interrupted due to loss of power. Flash memory eliminates the need for back-up batteries.

All program elements, including audio production, volume level and setting of security code can be downloaded remotely from a touch-tone telephone. First time programming can be done at a dealer's facility and the unit can be sent to the end-user's site fully loaded.

A human voice guides you through operation of the on-hold unit. This makes the remote digital player Series the friendliest unit available.


The remote digital player is suggested for the telephone on-hold applications where friendliness, high sound quality and durability are needed. Ideal for multiple location installations.

Music and Messages are downloaded remotely over the phone line; manually or computer controlled.


Music & Message On-Hold


Telephone Downloadable (manually or with Premier SAS 95 - Studio Automated Software)
Durable Metal Construction
Custom Overlays
Crystal-Clear 64 kbps (effective 96 kbps) Sampling Rate
3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
Flash memory (Non-Volatile)
Human Voice Prompting for Manual Downloads