Music Samples

Music sets the tone for your on hold program and also indicates change. Your message may remain the same, but when new music is heard, callers pay attention. An effective way to use this is to change the style completely; i.e. go from easy listening to adult contemporary.

Music should be tailored to your call audience, not to your personal preference. What you like may not be what your customers or prospective customers like, and it may not fit with your products or services. To determine the best music for your message, decide whether you want to match the music to your products or services, to your call audiences, or to both.

About The Hang

And Loving It


Calendar Girl

Club Kelly

Fish Story

Ho Down

Living Large

Love Life

Point Of Groove

She's The One


Chamber Games

Gypsy Dancer

Kiss And Make Up

Leap Of Faith

Office Party



Al Donte

Another Time

Cactus Pass

Club Med

Core Group

Next Event

Chili Mint


December Issue

Easy Listening

Jazz X

Keep The Boss Happy


Natural Gift

Spirit Muz


It's All Bad

Miss Demeanor

Rock Itch

April Blues

Chealsea Seachel


Heartmate Wifemate

To The Max

What's Next

Carol of the Bells

Sugar Plum Fairy

Silver Bells

Sleigh Ride

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